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2023 FWMA Membership Drive

The Florida Wild Mammal Association (FWMA) provides care for over 1,500 sick, injured, and orphaned birds, mammals, and reptiles every year. Established in 1994, FWMA serves Taylor, Jefferson, Wakulla, Franklin, and Southern Leon Counties. Our wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center are housed on 6.5 rural acres at 198 Edgar Poole Road in southern Wakulla County, and operates around the clock.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the FWMA staff and volunteers, and through our partnerships with local veterinarians and other wildlife rehabilitation resources, more than half of the animals we care for are rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitat. And we provide the care at no cost to the public or to those who bring us an injured or orphaned animal!

As the development in our area increases and the natural habitats are diminished, more and more animals needs our help. Florida Wild Mammal Association would not exist without the generosity and continuing support of the community. Please consider becoming a member of FWMA today, by printing and mailing this form with your donation, or online using the DONATE link.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!

Jessica Beatty

Executive Director, FWMA


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