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The mission of FWMA is the protection of the native wildlife in our area, not only through the rescue and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife, but also by educating the public on these animals and the challenges they face as the populations of our rural communities grow.


The Florida Wild Mammal Association offers a variety of opportunities to become involved with the organization. Whether you're interested in learning more about Florida wildlife, earning community service hours, or pursuing a career in wildlife rehabilitation, there's a place for you. Read more about all FWMA has to offer!


If you find wildlife that appears to be in need, please read our animal emergency info for helpful tips on how to determine whether you should intervene, and when, and other important things to keep in mind.  If you determine the animal needs assistance and are in the FWMA service area, (Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson, and Taylor counties), please bring the animal to our facility at 198 Edgar Poole Road, Crawfordville FL.  There is no need to call ahead.  


Our facility is staffed around-the-clock for emergency drop-offs of wildlife in need.  If you can safely do so, we ask that you bring the animal to us, as we have a small number of rescuers, (all volunteers), with very limited availability to cover the four counties we service.  

When you arrive at the facility with an animal, you will complete an intake card with information about where you found the animal, what happened to the animal and when it happened, (if known) and other information.   One of our Wildlife Technicians will take it from there.  

The animal’s condition will be assessed, and care and treatment will begin. Rehabilitation will begin once the animal is stabilized and his condition improves, with the goal of making him strong and independent enough to be released back to his native habitat.  

Our goal is to release every animal upon recovery and the majority of the animals that enter our facility are successfully rehabilitated.  But for those that cannot be released due to the severity of their injuries, we facilitate their transfer to other permitted wildlife sanctuaries, or they may occasionally remain at FWMA where they become wildlife ambassadors for their species, as part of our educational and outreach programs.

There is no cost for our rescue and rehabilitation services, but donations are always welcome.  We receive no public funding and rely totally on grants and donations to fund our programs and services.


FWMA is committed to educating the public on wildlife issues and the increasing challenges they face. We believe this is a key element in preventing undue harm to wildlife, which is essential for the protection and sustainability of our environment. To that end, we offer both on-site educational opportunities and community outreach programs.


The Wildlife Wonders Education Program is based on learning through volunteerism.  Those who participate include youth (high-school age), adults (college students and older), and those seeking community service hours. Participants may assist in the caring for animals undergoing rehabilitation at our facility, with support and guidance provided by FWMA staff.  They learn about animal welfare and get hands-on wildlife rehabilitation experience, enhancing their knowledge of biology, ecology, zoology, while fostering a compassion for life.   Each year, we have dozens of participants who enter the program with various goals and objectives; this program is flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of participants with highly diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences.


Throughout the year, our wildlife educators take our education animals, (our “Animal Ambassadors”,) out into the community to talk about the work we do and the challenges faced by native wildlife.  We conduct educational programs in schools, libraries, churches, as well as attend multiple community events throughout the area.   You typically might see us at the Sopchoppy Worm Grunting festival, the Mardi Gras Barkus Parade in Apalachicola, (sponsored by the Mystic Krewe of Salty Barkers), or at Meet & Greet the Critters in St. Marks.    To request an educational program, or to tell us about a community event that you would like us to attend, please send us an email with the relevant details to




North Florida Wildlife

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