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FWMA rescues and rehabilitates all types of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, with a goal to release each animal to its native habitat after treatment and recovery.  Our facility is located on 6 acres of rural land in Wakulla County.  We are long-time members of the community who proudly provide care to an average of over 1,500 animals annually, (over 20,000 since our founding in 1994!)  We hold permits by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to possess and rehabilitate wildlife, and are a registered non-profit 501(c)3. Our Frequently Asked Questions provides more detailed information about our operations.


FWMA was founded by Chris Beatty, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and her husband Mike in 1994, on family-owned property in Crawfordville, Florida, which is also the family home. Upon Chris’s death in late 2022, her daughter, Jessica Beatty assumed responsibilities of Executive Director.

Jessica has literally grown up caring for wildlife and has been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator since 2019. Jessica also serves as the Animal Care Supervisor, overseeing a small number of employees and a committed group of volunteers. FWMA is overseen by an elected board of directors, who volunteer their time to the organization.


FWMA’s rescue and rehabilitation facilities are spread across 6 wooded acres in southern Wakulla County, at 198 Edgar Poole Road in Crawfordville. The property includes 28 animal habitats (enclosures), that are specifically designed to house and protect our diverse wildlife population during treatment and rehabilitation. These include six mammal cages, several multi-purpose enclosures, four birds of prey enclosures, plus five for seabirds and one for songbirds, as well as 3½ acres of deer pens. There is also a medical room for incoming and acute care, and a nursery room for baby birds. Unfortunately, our facility is not open to the public for tours and visits. Since our patients are often easily scared and stressed, a quiet environment with minimal exposure to humans is always in their best interest.


Dedicated. Passionate. Committed.

Our staff may be small, but they make a large impact.  Working tirelessly at the Center, day in and day out, these folks are the foundation of FWMA. It is only through their efforts and expertise that we can provide care for such a large number of animals every year.


Our Volunteers

FWMA is grateful for the dedicated volunteers who work alongside staff at the center in caring for the animals and maintaining the property.  Many more volunteers from our community generously give their time and talents to help with everything from rescue and transport, fostering young animals, fundraising and grant writing, supply pickup, media and communications, and so much more. These folks are the heart and soul of FWMA, and are essential members of our team.


We strongly believe in the power of working together to make a positive impact, which is why we partner with other organizations to share resources when available.


Our community partners include:


  • Wakulla County Animal Services, who may share large donations they receive of feed or bedding, assist with emergency transports, and provide overflow storage space for supplies as needed,


  • Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, who assists with rescues of pelicans and seabirds;


  • Local law enforcement agencies, who bring in injured wildlife discovered on roadways,


  • Local veterinarians, who bring in wildlife brought to them by concerned citizens, and who assist us by providing intensive, acute care for serious or severe injuries.

We also appreciate the individuals, businesses, charitable organizations, and foundations that generously fund our organization’s mission.  We are grateful for every donation and grant we receive, as it helps us to continue our work in protecting the wildlife of the Forgotten Coast.


Dedicated. Passionate. Committed.

FWMA is guided by a Board of Directors, community members with a passion for wildlife who are committed to the success of the organization and to supporting its mission.

Robin Ruby-Edwards


Nancy A. Wood


Jessica Beatty

Executive Director & Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Dr. Sarah Madson


Torben S. Madson III, Esq.


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